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Founded in 2017 and based near Munich, Bavaria, jobspottr is a community marketplace for people to list, search and apply for paid jobs and worker profiles around the world – in the browser or our iOS and Android app. Whether a job as a babysitter for a night, as a removal helper for a week, or a job as a bartender, a dishwasher or a seasonal harvester for a month – jobspottr allows travelers and employers to communicate in an easy, efficient and time-saving way and helps to meet the mutual needs – on a global scale! Become a part of us and help to shape the future of backpackers´ job search!

How to find your perfect employee

How to sign up and find your perfect job

Background – why are we doing what we’re doing?

As backpackers ourselves we made the experience that it isn’t as easy as many travellers think to find a job, to earn money, to buy a car and to live the dream. Sometimes it takes a couple of days or weeks to find a job, sometimes even longer. This can be very nerve-racking for travellers with little capital who are in danger of going broke and as a result have to fly home early. On the other side there are the employers who find it hard to get the right applicant with the desired skills, requirements and experiences.
For us, the most successful way to get a job was to submit an unsolicited application to the employer personally. Most backpackers still do it that way. However, those kinds of applications are very time consuming for both employer and job hunters because they’re usually inefficient. To put it in a nutshell, there are two parties searching each other without an efficient channel to communicate – this should be changed.

What exactly will we do?

Our goal is to create an app and a website for both, job hunters and employers, to exchange valuable information concerning their mutual prospects – this includes information like company data, website, job title, hours of work per week, period of time to work, salary, contact person, email address, phone number, job description, job requirements and reviews from previous employees for employer profiles and name, age, nationality, email address, phone number, type of visa, health insurance, references/previous jobs, apprenticeship, degrees, certificate of employment, CV, motivational letter, strengths and information about drivers license and other certificates as well as reviews from previous employers for job hunter profiles. Of course you decide what kind of information you want to fill in and with whom you want to share them. Once you’ve filled in your data, they’re stored centrally until you decide to delete them. That brings the advantage of a time saving few click application for both job hunters and employers. If you find a job offer or a worker profile you’re interested in, you just swipe right and the other person sees you’re interested in chatting. After checking the profile and reviews the recipient can accept to chat or decline to avoid annoyance.
You can find interesting contacts via GPS data to see who’s around you or by zip code to plan your employment already from your home country before you even started your adventure. Both, job hunters and employers can find the right applicant/job with a minimum of effort and it’s a time saving procedure by setting filters manually.

Why should you work with us?

Your benefits as a job hunter:

  • Save time by applying online with just a few clicks and do what you’re really here for – enjoy your time
  • Don’t worry anymore about what happens if you don’t get a job when you’re overseas – start looking for your favourite job by zip code while you’re still at home
  • Simple overview of the backpacker labour market – see the jobs around you
  • No annoying paperwork anymore – store your documents at jobspottr
  • Carefree travelling – you can access the job pool while you’re travelling
  • No loss of your documents anymore
  • Set the filters for your needs and wishes – get your perfect job
  • Planning for groups – say that you can just start working when your best mate gets a job as well
  • See the working conditions and reviews before starting a job and compare them to others
  • Get information about how many jobs and backpackers are in which area to increase your chance of getting a job

Your benefits as an employer:

  • Save time by checking the applications online
  • No own acquisition that is associated with multiple costs
  • Clarification of the conditions in advance
  • Easy selection of applicants in advance
  • Select your potential staff from a huge pool of job hunters and compare them
  • Set the filters to the exact requirements of your applicant
  • Easy access to the relevant documents and reviews of the workers
  • See the job hunters around you and know who can start immediately
  • Easy planning of your employee schedule by using the calendar function – send a request to your employee and get the confirmation that he’s available and always look it up in your calendar


No more paperwork

Store your documents at jobspottr and get rid of all the printed application documents.

Worldwide access

Start looking for jobs in the destination country from your hometown or via GPS while traveling.

A few clicks application

You apply for an interesting job opportunity with just a few clicks.

Easy comparison

Compare the working conditions and applicants within a beautifully designed app.

Competition analysis

Get information about how many jobs and backpackers are in which area to increase your chance of getting a job.

Easy to Customize

Don’t miss out any messages and job alerts by getting automated notifications.

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